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Trusted Services

At Kanthan Realty Corporation, we hold the values of integrity and accountability high. It is important to us that we help you see every possible option available to you for residential and commercial real estate properties. We want you to be able to make the best decision for you personally, which is why we are committed to providing the closest matches for ideal residential and commercial properties as well as assisting you at each phase so that you obtain the property you had in mind!

In South Florida, Kanthan Realty Corporation holds onto a well-educated and efficient team of professional realtors dedicated to helping you obtain the goal of the perfect residential home property or commercial real estate location. When you work with our realtors, you receive the exceptional quality of care and a substantial list of choices of properties.

Commercial Services

Kanthan’s Commercial Services

South Florida’s Best Commercial Real Estate Services Commercial Real Estate Services The mission at Kanthan Realty is simple but effective with finding the most ideal options available for commercial real estate space that best suits your needs. With professional commercial …

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Residential and Luxury Real Estate Services

Kanthan’s Residential and Luxury Real Estate Services

Best Residential Real Estate Services in South Florida Kanthan Realty Corporation is built on the idea of making dreams transform into a reality. When it comes to finding the best matches of residential real estate and property for your future …

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